ProfitVibe Review OTO Upsell By Mike Mckay

ProfitVibe Review OTO Upsell By Mike Mckay

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foreign if minutes from now you could set up your very own music streaming platform and get paid every time someone browses your service or listens to a song and you could do it all today while canceling your own Spotify subscription thanks to a revolutionary new app called profit five profit five lets you create your very own music streaming platform complete with all the songs artists and playlists you could dream of you can monetize it with banner ads affiliate offers or by selling access to others and of course you can use it for yourself free of charge too starting your own music streaming service has never been easier step 1. log into the cloud interface Step 2 pick the songs artists and playlists you want added and let the service auto add new music in the future as well step 3. publish your platform fully hosted and get paid every time someone listens to a song forever I wish I had this when I started out go ahead right now and secure your profit five access today hey hey guys welcome back to my channel this is Mike of the where I review and promote 90 products and training courses that will help you make money online today I have another software that has to do with music streaming and it’s called profit drive this one in a nutshell it’s a brand new Spotify player that lets you start your own music stream services and of course if you have access to all needed songs for yourself that you can sell and sell these assets to others if a product you’re going to require I will always encourage you to stick with me so that we can go through this very review together and see what this one is all about it’s been launched today the 20th of October 2022 at exactly 11 A.M Eastern Standard Time by Mike McKay and Rado his partner this one is going to help you after make money using the Spotify traffic and of course have your own music streams that you can always sell access to and of course that process to making product at any time you are going to require I will encourage you to use the first link below in my description area definitely that link if you click on it will bring you to the amazing bonus I have for you which is which is a bonus page and of course I just take you through the sales page which is exactly this and if any of the links here you have on my bonus page I definitely they will give you access to this product if you click this or any of the yellow ones scattered all over here will give you access to this very product now let us go into further details with this very great software from microcale like I told you I said before it’s going to be a Spotify kind of appliances a kind of tool that is going to help you stream online and give you access to unlimited a number of songs that you can stream and in this case you can sell access to people who can subscribe to your channel and of course you know what happens and then that’s exactly what this one is all about it helps you start your own this extreme listen to yourself to over a hundred million plus something are free and zero cost forever sell access to owners and subscription and all index training on YouTube playlists and unlimited music video built in lyrics on interest gives low cost low as other than your own and of course 100 million has songs included and everything is auto added all the time so it is automated in a way that they will stream even whenever they are monitoring things that will be linked to so I am impressed with this one definitely yes and then uh with that said let us just go through the sales page and then when you arrive here there’s any of the Links Page music streaming service for yourself or clients and Industry simple steps I love you profit file and start your own streaming service and of course step two will be definitely to listen to music and probably plan without ever having to pay anything and then you can hustle at your Spotify or apple music subscriptions where you have also know us and free for yourself forever so it is giving you access to unlimited amount of songs that you can listen to and of course enjoy yourself okay maybe when you are in the gym or you know private times and then the next step will be to monetize profit via by selling assets to understand by selling affiliate offers so you see the whole thing is programmed in a way that you have access to selling this very access to this very app to clients and to your audience and of course at the same time have the ability to actually embed your affiliate links promoting other products and you know exactly what that means and this is one of the things you want from this one so I’m really really impressed a profit divide is so revolutionary results are coming in faster than ever before this is exactly if someone prepares the Creator and they are showing some money proof which I believe should not be the standard in making your decision to buy this one because what it does is what should matter to you and if this is exactly what you require then go ahead and get this one and then try it out and see and see some of the amazing uh it’s as small as you have on this one uh how through those are and I’ll remember the More Country will try so this is a basically what you have a sales page which you will arrive to when eventually you will use any of this at the end of the day when everything is gone this is the one the dashboard looks like I’m going to show you in the more video after this effect and show you exactly how it works and then you have all this information uh AI Tech makes the platform self update with new visibility it’s like automated blogging system where you have everything automated and you streams as the algorithm is sets to do so you know and all of it is streaming on the third place and everything is automatically including music videos so that’s what you have in build lyrics like I told you everything is loaded to make you have a successful kind of radio station of the stream service that you can present online there and of course have your links with banners and all that in letters to be able to get all the clips you need to you know the affiliate marketing so it connected to so many aspects of this making money online and for that reason I think it’s worth trying for anybody who is really looking to make money online so this is basically what this one is going to do for you now let me show you the Horizon for this one and then you’ll be able to see what you have as the front end price goes for 16 and this one will give you access to the amazing software which is exactly this whereas you will be able to do your transactions and be able to set all the training everything is important here you will be able to do so at your own confidence I will show that demo video any moment from now and there are some organizations so you have all the other otos that Oto number one is going to maybe discount for front end is 15 loads that means you have two the last discount on the front and here you have upgrade number one 36 193 and then that will definitely give you access to the pro version which is uh nearly 37 dollars and here you have also Hardware tool with a down sale of 26 and that is the very upgrade number one is originally this price but you have it at 36 for this count and here you have upgrade number four 2690 for this very upgrade which is done for you version and you have uh profit Vibes upgrade number five which is the seven and you have it for Discount of 97 and iron expand Road used for of course something about yourself so those are all the information you have as long as the price of this one so now let me show you the amazing bonuses that I’m going to be waiting for you after a marketing tutorial for beginners 17 amazing bonuses in one a link that will give you access to softwares and training process and you have commission toolbox with over a thousand tools all this will be waiting for you in the water Plus account when eventually you have access to this and if at any time you click listening and get you to the sales page where you use any of the Rings like this one if you eventually buy this product under your purchase industry online course account you find a place that looks like this will give you access to uh profit driver and here you have access to the amazing purposes so this is exactly where we are going to continue to talk about the product and then of course show you the demo video so that you see exactly how that works and then we’ll come back to say goodbyes and this one okay so uh let me show you the video and then what if you could have your very own music streaming service that you can either use to listen to premium music for free or use it to monetize it and share this content with other people and you can monetize it through ads different offers that you can promote on your own streaming service exactly like Spotify this is all possible with profit Vibe within profit Vibe we’re going to get access to a full app where you’re going to have control over your own user base you’ll be able to edit it however you want to and so much more so let’s just dive in into the most important features of profit vibe right here I have already included it with my own Spotify ID so now all of these songs that people search for or listen to will be credited to me in my Spotify account so for example if I want to listen to shape of you you’ll see it pulls up the video on the right side music starts here and you can see the length of it you can either toggle video to see it full screen and you also have your very own playlist specially created for you that you can just let play and you’ll see on the right side here all of the songs that profit Vibe has tailored for you depending on the song that you first picked now this is all great if you want to use profit vibe to listen to songs without any ads like Spotify Premium does but how can you monetize it so we’re going to head over into your very own admin area where we have all of these statistics here and let’s just go through all of them quickly so we have the analytics page which is going to help you in seeing which subscriptions are best and what songs people listen to most next you can change your site’s appearance however you want to by picking different logos picking different landing pages if you want to create your very own theme that’s possible you can also even re-brand profit Vibe and put your own name here so it comes with a full commercial license to sell this service to other people next we have a plethora of settings that we can go through and customize to make sure that we offer exactly what we want to in within our own app we have plans and subscriptions that people can sign up for as you can see here I’ve created a couple of plans we have the pro regular and Enterprise at different prices and they’re all charged monthly you can also charge them yearly and put whatever price you want this is sort of a your very own Spotify Premium subscription if you want to remove the ads from your site or act exactly like Spotify Premium and like subscriptions we can see all of the users that have our subscriptions and what they bought we can also upload our own songs our own channels our own artists albums tracks genres if we don’t want to do it directly from Spotify as you can see right here we have all of our data providers which is for us Spotify and with our very own Spotify ID and Spotify Secret we then also have a Linux provider so users can check out the lyrics in real time as they’re looking our listening to their preferred song next if you want to have your own artists on profit Vibe that’s also possible and you can allow them to upload their own albums tracks or anything you want and they’re going to show up right here in the requests and you’ll be able to approve or deny any requests so you can have full control over your very own music streaming service you can see all of the comments here if any users want to suggest any improvements or any problems with the app you can see them right here and then forward them to us if there is anything that we can fix or help you with you can see all of your users under the user Tab and manage them just as you would with a fully fledged web application next we have the roles where you can assign different roles to people and you can create different roles to make sure that they have exactly the permissions that you want them to have as you can see right here they can have all of these permissions that you can play around with to create your perfect plan and subscription you have a bunch of custom pages that you can use including privacy policy terms of service and about us that you can edit and make sure they reflect your business you can see all of the files that your customers upload so you can manage them and make sure they’re within your times of service and last but not least you can add your own ads and you can see how or where they’re going to appear right here you can add either banners or just simple text and they’re going to appear on your entire website everywhere people look to make sure your engagement is maximized and with our PDF training that covers each of these settings and helps you in launching your own music streaming service purchasing profit Vibe is a no-brainer so check it out right now and I can’t wait to see you inside oh yes welcome back to my channel and of course you must have seen the video and exactly how it works instead of showing you the very software area I decided to play this video so like to see the exactly how this one works and definitely I think we have not Justice to this one I will encourage you to like comment subscribe to my channel and use the Bell button for notifications and I will do my very best to be with you in my next review until then from here [Music] it’s goodbye guys

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